TouchPoint by Surety is a technology developed and designed by Surety Technologies Inc.

The parent company of TouchPoint.

Primarily serving the Long Term Care and Retirement sector, TouchPoint provides visibility, analysis, and data backed recommendations for site cleaning programs to reduce losses from outbreaks, fines and lawsuits.

Currently, site cleaning programs deliver no data nor visibility to determine the level of efficacy against the spread of disease. While site management teams work hard to keep their site safe, they don’t have the data to determine which gaps in cleaning processes are creating these risks. TouchPoint increases safety and reduces losses for everyone with data-backed recommendations.

  • Protecting investments
  • Mitigating Risk
  • Increasing Site Safety
  • Creating Value With Data

The Problem &

Touchpoint cleaning has gained attention while being headlined all around the world during the C19 pandemic. If you didn’t know what touchpoint cleaning was before the pandemic, we are willing to bet that you do now. Furthermore, touchpoint cleaning is here to stay and it would be foolish to think otherwise.

Generally speaking, touchpoint cleaning is the function of cleaning any surface that has been subject to frequent human contact within any given period. Such surfaces include, door handles, elevator buttons, cabinet & drawer handles, appliance handles, railings and washroom fixtures. The purpose of cleaning these surfaces is to mitigate the risk of infection through surface transmission.

But, the problem was there are no systems to manage or measure touchpoint cleaning that is real time, user friendly, and inexpensive. In fact, touchpoint cleaning has commonly been measured with an honour system or with time consuming spreadsheets. This is not acceptable by today’s standards. Touchpoints have become a safety hazard and cleaning to mitigate this hazard requires a fast and effective system with data.

With TouchPoint by Surety, your touchpoint cleaning can now be measured through fast , easy to use technology that will produce performance scores, capture results with live images and generate metrics with data that will change your cleaning and site safety standards. The system influences behaviour within cleaning operations to a safety aligned focus with assurance that’s transparent to any of your key stakeholders. It’s the only system on the market today that specifically focuses on managing and measuring touchpoint cleaning related to your site’s safety.

What Makes us Tick

The culture & heartbeat of our company.


Increase public and community safety with safety aligned cleaning programs at facilities around the world.

OUR vision

To become a Multi-Industry Disruptor And Leading Technology Firm.

OUR values

Be Bold
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Our Development Pillars

The foundational pillars that backs the design & development of our products.


Customized setup and structure for each system creates accountability.


Technology that drives a process and user behaviour to validate results with data.


Data driven results generates reports and analytics for assurance.

Dan Lindsay, MBA


Dan identified a gap in the market while he was in the cleaning business. He was a Regional President for one of Canada’s leading commercial cleaning companies, and during the pandemic, it was apparent that cleaning was always going to have a higher level of scrutiny moving forward. No longer was cleaning for perception acceptable. Cleaning for safety is the new standard. But in order to do so, there needs to be a way to measure, analyze and monitor cleaning programs. That’s why TouchPoint was developed.

Until now, site safety related to cleaning required specialty equipment and high costs. So most sites aren’t using these services or doing so on an infrequent basis. TouchPoint by Surety provides facility management teams with technology, data, and recommendations to improve their cleaning programs and control their site’s cleaning and safety outcomes.

Dan has a high level of expertise in the field of operations and can quickly relate to both management and front line teams. He understands what it takes to manage a cleaning program and create high levels of site safety. He has a proven track record of deploying strategic programs and initiatives that deliver results. Dan’s expertise is happily provided to assist and support all TouchPoint customers.

Dan is supported by the team at Surety Technologies, the parent company of TouchPoint.

notable achievements

Top 5 Finalist

Local investment summit in YYC where we were chosen as a finalist and received investment from local investors.

Showcased for Innovation

Our technology was showcased for innovation at Together We Care. Canada’s largest long term care industry conference.

COHORT 4 Graduate

First of its kind accelerator focused on improving social & safety challenges facing our communities.