Infection Prevention & Control (IPAC) cleaning transformation


TouchPoint’s IPAC-CV technology is designed in accordance with Centre for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations and is the next revolution for auditing cleaning of high touched surfaces, which we call touchpoints.

TouchPoint by Surety is the FIRST data backed IPAC cleaning validation program you can use without external consultants or specialized equipment. Our mobile app unlocks IPAC cleaning data that empowers your workplace or living facility to be safer, more efficient and protect everyone 24 hours a day.


“The TouchPoint app provided more awareness that if high touched surfaces are not disinfected properly, we can spread germs and viruses very quickly.”

Melissa T.

Manager, Housekeeping and Laundry

“With TouchPoint I was able to eliminate all administrative duties from our current process and audit more in less time. TouchPoint unlocked data that validated our efforts around providing a safe environment for our residents, their families, and our visitors.”

Laila G.

Housekeeping & Laundry Manager

“Sharing data from Touchpoint with our residents and families will provide a source of comfort and reassurance that cleaning routines are effective in preventing the spread of infections.”

IIona F.

Quality Practice Lead – Infection Prevention & Control

IPAC Cleaning Validation for your Workplace or Living facility.

your Duty of care and IPAC Program backed by CDC Recommended

cleaning data

With our IPAC-CV program, all of your data, trends, and insights are available on demand to demonstrate your workplace or living facility is managing it’s duty of care in line with industry governing standards. Get the data you need to safeguard the well being of your staff, residents, or general public and the integrity of your facility. Manage, measure and monitor your touchpoint cleaning quality with a customized system built for your facility.

Unlock IPAC cleaning quality and safety data to reduce the vulnerability of your most critical and common areas at your facility.

View, analyze and monitor touchpoint cleaning outcomes and safety improvements in each area of your facility consistently.

Leverage fluorescent technology used nationwide for handwashing compliance to validate your touchpoint cleaning quality.

Be prepared with data backed evidence of continuous IPAC and safety improvements with cleaning standards that protects everyone.

Use data backed technology to protect your brand, people and facility.

Just as you would monitor and do preventative maintenance on a piece of equipment to keep it operating efficiently, you must monitor the effectiveness of your cleaning processes.

Rolando J. Gonzalez, PhD

The Acheson Group

UPDATE Your current IPAC Cleaning audit Process to save money

Are you still using a checklist and / or a manual spreadsheet to validate your cleaning effectiveness and quality? How do you really know what areas in your facility are being cleaned effectively? Get TouchPoint to transition your cleaning validation process from paper to digital to reduce your costs with better results. Your very simple transition to TouchPoint will eliminate your current administrative burden that is prone to errors and costing you unnecessary time and money.

Increase Productivity

Increase productivity by 60% with our automated process that allows you to validate touchpoint cleaning effectiveness in less time.

Reduce Hours

Save over 520 admin hours each year by digitizing your manual tracking process. TouchPoint eliminates the need for spreadsheets.

Generate More Data

Touchpoint’s central data source generates 10x more data custom to your site available in real time for you and your team.

Your ROI

Utilize mobile technology to improve your outdated processes. Saving your team a significant amount of time and money.

Streamline your process

to save money with better results.



Infectious bacteria can remain on poorly cleaned surfaces for weeks.

A single contaminated hand can spread infectious bacteria to 7 surfaces.

1 in 3 people can be infected through surface transmission.

cleaning technology to increase YOUR SAFETY

Protect Your Staff & Customers with Cleaner Results

Use image based results to reduce vulnerability at your facility while minimizing the risk of losses from contamination, spread or harm through surface transmission. TouchPoint unlocks data that will isolate high risk areas at your facility that may remain contaminated after your cleaning process.

Proactively Manage Your Risks with Smarter Data

Mitigate the risk of surface transmission with touchpoint cleaning validation technology that allows your team to identify liabilities before they happen. Utilize customized site data to view, monitor and analyze your corrective measures in real time for a safe and highly effective cleaning program at your facility.

Demonstrate Assurance with Safer Processes

Promote your facility is committed to safety with a touchpoint cleaning validation process that is data backed. TouchPoint demonstrates with evidenced based technology, not written paper, your site is managing risks and safety for everyone.

Cleaning data that will increase your facility’s safety in 30 days.


TouchPoint can be deployed in any facility, anywhere! However, our solution is helping many facilities across Canada with their duty of care to protect vulnerable population. If you’re facility in any of these sectors or more, we can help!


Long term care and retirement homes where there is a range of health and personal care services provided primarily to the elderly population. TouchPoint helps keep your staff, residents, and their families safe while protecting your reputation with evidence based results and data.

Healthcare & MedicaL

Facilities that provide healthcare to individuals in variety of environments such as hospitals, clinics, outpatient centers, laboratories and specialized care centers. TouchPoint is ideal to ensure that staff, patients, and visitors are confident they are being treated in the cleanest and safest way possible.

Educational institutions

Private and public educational facilities such as preschools, daycares, elementary schools, colleges and universities. Keeping people healthy and safe is top priority within these heavily populated facilities. TouchPoint provides assurance that cleaning programs are creating safe environments for everyone.

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